Last man is set free in record case of money laundering

This is stated by his defender, lawyer Ulrik Sjølin.

The Iraqi, along with 16 other men and three companies, are charged with money laundering and fraud with VAT, taxes and labor market contributions.

They constituted a kind of criminal service company, it is claimed. In total, money laundering has been committed for DKK 530 million. And the state treasury has been evaded a total of 297 million kroner, the prosecution claims.

In a major operation, police cracked down on arrests in October 2017. Subsequently, the prosecution filed charges. The Copenhagen City Court initiated the criminal case in December 2018, but today – more than two and a half years later – it is still ongoing after numerous delays.

The 42-year-old Iraqi’s situation is different from that of the other defendants. He has already been deported from Denmark. In the previous case, he confessed to aggravated financial crime. He was sentenced to prison and deported at the same time.

While the other defendants have been released from custody, the 42-year-old had to stay behind bars. Over two years have been spent serving the previous sentence.

This summer, he stood for parole, and then the prosecutors asked to have him imprisoned on a new basis, namely under the Homecoming Act. An expelled alien may be imprisoned when deemed necessary to ensure his presence during the proceedings.

– The High Court has said that it is not necessary, says lawyer Ulrik Sjølin.

Source: The Nordic Page





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