Local Round-Up: Change of cemeteries to make room for more park area in Frederiksberg

Local Round-Up: Change of cemeteries to make room for more park area in Frederiksberg

Frederiksberg Municipality plans to rebuild part of Solbjerg Park Cemetery to create more park area near Copenhagen Zoo.

The cemetery is located next to Frederiksberg’s most famous parks, Frederiksberg Garden and Sondermarken.

It is surrounded by a marked 150-year-old red brick wall that may need to be relocated to meet plans.

Municipal change
Frederiksberg Municipality intends to start the renovation in mid-September, and it wants to get its residents involved.

Although it is eager to develop somewhere else for joint gatherings and activities, it maintains that it is important to give the graves and their visitors the greatest possible respect.


Train passengers crossing the Sound have doubled since June
Train journeys across the Sound have become more frequent in recent months. Øresund Nyheder suspects that the reason for this development is the high vaccination rate and the reopened borders. In the week 9.-15. In August, around 128,907 passengers crossed the Øresund Bridge by train from 60,107 two weeks earlier. According to Skanetrafiken, February was on average only 25,000 per. Week. In mid-August, however, the figures are still 40 percent lower than in the same week in 2019.

DKK 45 million for a new ‘Arctic’ academy in Christianshavn
The cultural center Nordatlantens Brygge in Christianshavn had received a donation of DKK 45 million from the AP Møller Foundation, the Novo Nordisk Foundation and the Augustinus Foundation. The help will be used to renovate Tranhuset, an old house in Christianshavn built in 1781. Eventually, Tranhuset will become an academy with a focus on life and society in Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

Rare cloud formation spotted in the Copenhagen sky
On Monday 23 August, a cloud formation called ‘asperitas’ was spotted over the Copenhagen area. The name attributed to the phenomenon just six years ago can be translated as ‘troubled’. Meteorologists do not yet agree on the cause of this formation. Many people see it as a precursor to thunderstorms, although sunshine is also known to follow asperitas.

Rabbit disease has already claimed high deaths in the capital region
Following a number of rabbit deaths in Albertslund, several deaths have been reported in the capital region. According to Ditte Rich Staerk, coordinator of the rabbit protection club, the disease in question is fatal if no measurements are made within 48-72 hours. Symptoms include swollen eyes and difficulty breathing. Since there is no treatment for the pest, a vaccination is life-saving.

By & Havn presents the final layout plan for St. Petersburg Square
After examining and considering wishes and suggestions from Nordhavn’s residents, By & Havn represented a final layout plan for the new living space at Sankt Petersborg Plads. Construction should be completed in the spring of 2022.

Historic public toilets in Kongens Skal close
The historic toilet basement at Kongens Have will not be renovated, according to Annette Skraagaard, the chef conservator at Rosenborg Castle. This decision marks the end of a dispute over who should pay for the renovation. The public toilets have been more frequently visited in recent years due to their poor condition. Nine new public toilets are planned along Gothersgade to make up for the closure.

Capital invests more in green vehicles
On Tuesday, the Capital Region of Denmark presented a new financing plan, in which an additional DKK 52 million will be set aside for investments in civilian environmentally friendly vehicles. Of the 400 vehicles the city uses, half are emission-free.

Source: The Nordic Page

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