Niklas Strömstedt

Niklas Strömstedt has accompanied our lives for almost 40 years – in everyday life and parties. He has lit a candle with the group Triad and dug gold with GES. Together with Anders Glenmark and Orup, GES will make a new show with a premiere in the autumn of 2021.

Niklas Strömstedt has also collaborated with some of Sweden’s greatest artists such as Björn & Benny, Marie Fredriksson and Ulf Lundell.

In the program, he thinks back to the 30 years that have passed since his previous Summer Program.

– What has time done to me? Can I find things that indicate that I have learned something? That exclaimed “to find oneself”. Have I done that?

About Niklas Strömstedt:

Singer, musician, songwriter, 62 years.

Born in Lund, living in Stockholm.

Former Summer Host 1991.

Producer: Henrik Johnsson.

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