Suitcases with drug eggs cost a man 14 years in prison

Suitcases with drug eggs cost a man 14 years in prison

A man was involved in smuggling over 30 kilos of drugs to Denmark, and it costs him prison for 14 years.

In addition, the 34-year-old Nigerian man is deported, and he is banned from entering Denmark again.

A judge at the Court in Frederiksberg on Friday decided this, writes Copenhagen Police on Twitter. The man has appealed that verdict.

Oneyka Andrew Ekwenugo, as the 34-year-old is called, was not alone in the crime. A Croatian woman and another Nigerian man have already been sentenced to 14 years in prison in the case where drugs were smuggled across the border in egg-shaped packages.

It has previously been revealed that a man and a woman met in Valby and at Nørrebro in Copenhagen on ten Sundays. Each time, they swapped suitcases.

The woman had arrived by bus from Germany, and in her suitcase she had, in addition to clothes in various sizes, also hundreds of small egg-shaped packages. Each pack contained ten grams of heroin or cocaine.

In exchange, she was given a similar suitcase containing clothes and money, and she then rolled it away again.

In total, according to the indictment, the drug smuggling amounts to more than 30 kilos of drugs. The two who exchanged suitcases were caught red-handed in Valby on November 10, 2019, and they are the ones previously convicted in the case.

Ekwenugo, who received his sentence on Friday, is married to the woman with the suitcase, and he should have participated in the drug smuggling from Germany.

Here he sent instructions via an app to the other two and thus actively participated in both coordinating and planning the crime.

The case has been dubbed “Operation Phoenix” by officers in the Special Investigation East Special Division. It was a tip that led to the police tapping a phone and subsequently being able to lie in wait and arrest the man and woman in 2019.

When the 34-year-old was not present when the suitcases were exchanged, he was internationally wanted in January last year. He was found by German police in the summer months of the same year, and then he was extradited to Denmark.

Friday’s verdict is not the final sentence in the case. Oneyka Andrew Ekwenugo has appealed the verdict to the Eastern High Court, which must therefore re-evaluate the evidence in the case.

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