Construction work on the viewing platform on Bolafjall has been suspended

Construction work on the observation deck on Bolafjall in Bolungarvík has been suspended as the building permit has not yet been issued.

The building permit application was received on June 10. The construction representative reviewed the data, collected comments in 20 sections and formally sent them to the city of Bolungarvík three days later – June 13.


Pétur Bolli Jóhannesson, an expert in construction safety at the Institute for Housing and Civil Engineering, says the revised documents have not been returned and therefore no building permit has been issued. It was only after reading the message on that he realized that the construction of the platform was taking place without permission. On August 17, he contacted Bolungarvík’s supervisor, Finnbogi Bjarnason, construction representative and designer Einar Hlér of SEI Architects, and demanded an immediate halt to construction.

“This is serious because it is about security. If anything happened there, we would be responsible “ Said Pétur Bolli. “It’s up to us to monitor that the work is done as it should. However, that is not possible in this case. “

Jón Páll Hreinsson, the mayor of Bolungarvík, refused to confirm that construction was on hold. The viewing platform is almost ready. Just waiting for the floor as ordered from Italy. If it is delivered on time, the platform would be open to the public in mid-September this year.

Pétur Bolli says he is surprised the mayor did not know about the case. The contractor was notified and confirmed the suspension of construction. As the contractor was hired by the mayor, he had to inform him about it.

“This is really ridiculous. The regulations are clearly defined, not only for structures installed at a height of almost 700 meters “ Said Pétur Bolli.

He also said that he had yet to review the revised building documents as he had not received them until yesterday.

“Moreover, the ownership of the land on which the platform stands is not entirely clear” Pétur Bolli added.

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