Ministers warned about Rwanda months before visit

The two ministers have previously been criticized for their travel.

This happened in connection with the plans to create a reception center outside the EU for processing asylum cases.

The internal document is written by government officials. It was sent to ministers by mail on 18 February.

The document states, among other things, that international human rights organizations report on “violations of political and civil human rights” in Rwanda.

– The government is accused, among other things. to prevent the activities of opposition parties as well as to carry out arbitrary and illegal killings and disappearances on political opponents, the document states.

However, the dialogue between Rwanda and the Danish government continued unabated.

A few days later – on February 24 – a video conference with the Rwandan government was held.

At the end of April, the two Danish ministers and a number of Danish officials landed in Rwanda.

Experts tell Jyllands-Posten that the internal document – and its description of the conditions in Rwanda – makes it difficult to place a Danish reception center in Rwanda.

Source: The Nordic Page





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