Researchers will study declining hare populations for poison

Why are there fewer and fewer hares?

A team of Danish researchers will investigate this in the coming years, writes Jyllands-Posten.

One of the theories is that pesticides have an impact on the health of hares.

– A large part of the reasons for the hare’s decline in Denmark must probably be sought in changes in agricultural forms of cultivation, says Sussie Pagh, senior researcher at Aalborg University.

She points out that agriculture used to be characterized by small fields with great variation in crops. Modern agriculture, on the other hand, is larger fields with few crops and widespread use of pesticides.

The Danish Environmental Protection Agency has allocated NOK 2.7 million for the project. It will be carried out as a collaboration between researchers at Aalborg University, the Technical University of Denmark and the University of Copenhagen.

Over the next three years, the researchers will study the health of 400 dead hares. 100 of them will be tested for various pesticides, the researchers say.

Source: The Nordic Page





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