Tareq Taylor

Tareq Taylor is one of Sweden’s most beloved TV chefs. Hailed for SVT’s “Tareq Taylor’s food trip” where he traveled with his father Seif and brother Zafer to his father’s hometown Jerusalem.

He is also seen in “Garden Times” and in the series “Tareq Taylor’s Nordic Cookery” which has been broadcast in 100 countries.

In 2017 he won “Kockarnas kamp” on TV4 and for several years he has cooked in “Stjärnorna på slottet”.

Tareq Taylor talks about how his life has been full of encounters that have made him see the world with new eyes.

– It’s about encounters with inspiring people, encounters with cultures through food, the encounter with death and about meeting myself and my biggest fears.

About Tareq Taylor:

Chef, restaurateur, 51 years old (turns 52 July 30).

Born in Malmö, living in Lomma.

Former Summer Host 2013.

Producer: Saman Bakhtiari.

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