Tree hugging competition, pharmacy drones and reading lesson: Finland in the world press

Due to travel restrictions, participation was by invitation only; However, the organizers have encouraged anyone interested to participate in the TreeHugging World Championships in 2021. Competitors can submit picture hugs himself from his favorite tree 28. by August.

This week, the Finnish drone service company Flyby Guys is testing the pharmacy’s drone delivery program in Helsinki. The pilot program includes the transportation of pharmaceutical products by unmanned aircraft to Jätkäsaari, 2 km from Lauttis Pharmacy.

The pilot’s primary goal is to test the suitability of Drones for the delivery of pharmacy products and to evaluate customers’ reactions to the new mode of transport.

The schedule will be held August 23-29, and a maximum of seven deliveries per day, weather permitting. Customers can choose the drone delivery option when ordering products online

Read Hour, a Finnish literacy initiative, also came into the spotlight this week after it was revealed that it would be launched in the UK. The initiative to read anything at least one hour a day was first launched in Finland three years ago.

The campaign is supported by the President Sauli Niinistö and has received overwhelming support on Finnish social media. It also features characters from the prominent Moomin series.

Finland’s efforts to reduce its carbon footprint were also a focus this week, as the country has allocated EUR 40 million for the development of low-carbon construction solutions.

The Low Carbon Built Environment program, implemented in co-operation between the Finnish Ministry of the Environment and Business Finland, finances Finnish companies and research organizations for sustainable projects.

In other news, Raja-Jooseppi, the northernmost checkpoint between Finland and Russia, has moved to new premises this week. More than € 11 million has been invested in new facilities located about 800 meters west of the previous checkpoint.

The EU’s ENI Kolarctic program, which aims to facilitate co-operation between the Nordic countries and north-west Russia, covered 90% of construction costs. According to the Border Guard, the new facilities will be officially inaugurated later this year.

The championship of hugging trees is rooted in Finland

The second annual World Tree Hugging Championships were held this year in the HaliPuu forest in Levi, Lapland. Reigning champion Stefania from Italy was declared the best logger for the second time in a row.

Representatives from Australia and Hungary won the inaugural round by effectively demonstrating their passion for hugging trees, while Scotland ranked highest in the freestyle class. Swiss Anya won the speed class after cuddling almost 11 trees per minute.

The virtual competition, which is open to people around the world, ends on August 28th. The award includes a train trip for two from Helsinki to Lapland and a week’s stay at a hotel in Levi.

The original story was published by the Barents Observer and Femina and can be found here and here.

Pilot project to test drones for pharmacy products in Helsinki

The pilot program of the drone service company FlyBy Guys is testing drones for delivering pharmaceutical products to customers in Helsinki. The program flies the products stored in temperature-controlled packaging from Lauttasaari to Jätkasaari on March 23-29. August.

Customers can order a selection of non-drug drugs from the Lauttis Apteekki online store, which offers drone delivery as an accessory. The products are then flown to the Jätkäsaari Saukontori landing site, where they can be picked up.

The experiment uses a DJI M600 aircraft, which is piloted by the CEO of FlyGuys Stephen Sutton. It also examines how noise levels can be kept low during flight to prevent obstacles to local bird life.

Dronelife published the original story on 24.08.2021 and it can be found here.

The Finnish Read Hour initiative is launched in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom plans to present the Finnish Read Hour literacy initiative in September. Reading lessons are very popular in Finland, and thousands post about participating in the initiative on social media every year.

The campaign encourages people to read either alone or with partners for an hour a day. Reading material can be anything from graphic novels to magazines.

In the UK, the initiative is supported by bookstores such as Macmillan Children’s Books and Waterstones, which host similar events. Celebrities like Jennifer Saunders have also expressed their support.

The Bookseller published the original story on August 20, 2021, and it can be found here.

Finland is investing EUR 40 million in low-carbon building solutions

The Finnish Ministry of the Environment, together with Business Finland, is launching the Low Carbon Built Environment program, which finances sustainable projects for the development of low-carbon construction solutions.

The EUR 40 million allocated to the program is funded by both the Ministry and Business Finland. The funding will support research, development and innovation for projects related to construction, design, real estate, management, infrastructure, energy and so on until 2032.

The original story was published on on 23.8.2021 and can be found here.

New premises for Finland’s northernmost checkpoint in Russia

The premises of the border-Jooseppin-EU and Russia’s northernmost checkpoint-customs and border crossing point have been moved 800 meters west of the new premises.

The roof of the new facilities covers all four traffic routes, allowing for more comfortable use by passengers and staff, especially in winter. The checkpoint also uses solar power whenever possible.

The original story was published by the Barents Observer on August 24, 2021 and can be found here.

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