An iron-hard handball woman turns 50

Tina Bøttzau won her first A national team medal in 1993, when she won silver at the World Cup in Norway in 1993. She won her second medal two years later, when Denmark won bronze at the World Cup in Austria and Hungary in 1995.

Three years later, it became the first gold medal, which was taken home during the Olympics in Atlanta in 1996, when Denmark won the final over South Korea. Later that year, the national team took home the second round with a European Championship home victory in a final against Norway.

Already the following year, in 1997, it became gold again at the World Cup in Germany. Tina Bøttzau took a break from the national team after the World Cup, but returned in the year 2000. Here she participated in the Olympics in the Australian city of Sydney. And once again, it turned into gold for the women’s national handball team.

The final match against Hungary during the 2000 Olympics was also the last national team match of the handball career. Tina Bøttzau ended her career with an important equalizer to 24-24 in the second half of the match. The goal gave the Danes the upper hand and secured Denmark a 31-27 victory.

Tina Bøttzau managed to play 120 A national team matches.

It was a knee injury that in 2001 put an end to his career, which Tina Bøttzau ended at the club Skovbakken in Aarhus. At Klubplan, Tina Bøttzau has played for Kolding IF, Skovbakken, GOG and again for Skovbakken.

After her handball career, Tina Bøttzau has thrown herself into the teaching profession. She is currently head of department at Egeskolen in Værløse.

Privately, Tina Bøttzau is married to Steen Haunstrup. She has two daughters, Clara and Sofie, and lives in Østerbro in Copenhagen.

Tina Bøttzau is one of a total of ten Danish handball profiles who were selected for the book “The biggest iron ladies”. In addition to Tina Bøttzau, the book also includes names such as Anne Dorthe Tanderup, Susanne Munk Lauritsen and Anja Andersen.

Source: The Nordic Page





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