Just say it like it is: Refreshed and focused again

With workers taking three weeks of summer vacation – including the bosses – this Danish balance between work and life is truly the gift that keeps on giving. A three week break is refreshing and was a real surprise to me how anyone could be away from the office for so long!

However, what does this mean for a job seeker? Have you taken the opportunity to have time away from the job search? I remember I was unemployed and felt guilty about being on vacation when I should have been looking for work and not spending money. I now advise my clients to take holidays without guilt.

After a few days off, you will return to the job search updated and focused. It’s a good time of year to look for a job – Denmark has gradually opened up over the last few months, and companies are more than ready to interview about roles that will be announced during the summer. Here are a few suggestions to motivate you in your job search.

Unsolicited really seems
Many organizations encourage unsolicited applications, so decide where you want to work (it’s a two-way decision) and do some research. What can your skills and experience add to the team? Is there a hole that fits your profile? What if the person doing the job you want decides to move on over the summer? The recruiter wants your application and that makes the replacement process easy, so start applying!

Reach out to recruiters
Do not forget that companies want to come back and quickly fill the vacancies. So contact the recruiter and ask how the interview process is going with all the applications you have submitted before the summer. Be prepared to be interviewed and show why you are the perfect choice.

Stand out excellently!
I see so many boring or half-filled profiles that give the hiring manager no idea who you are. You have room to show your personality and why you would be great in their team as it is not just about your skills and experience. Make your profile stand out. Make it easy for you to get hired.

With a new and renewed focus, the positivity of your applications will shine through.

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