Lina Watz

Lina Watz is one of the big names in the squad for this summer’s Paralympics in Tokyo. Lina Watz was born with fibula aplasia, which means that you do not have a calf bone. Many surgeries had tried to correct her foot and calf, but persistent pain made Lina choose amputation.

She participated in the Paralympics in Rio de Janiero 2016 and is a role model for many young parasporters.

Lina Watz has also appeared in the TV series “Winner Skulls”.

In her Summer, Lina Watz talks about scars that have taken her to fantastic places and that have shaped her into the person she is today.

– I talk about how proud I am of my scars that show my story without having to open my mouth.

About Lina Watz:

Swimmer, 25 years.

Born on Hammarö, living in Karlstad.

Debuts as Sommarvärd.

Producer: Ulla Walldén.

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