Many football referees have experienced ugly shouts and insults

Many football referees have experienced ugly shouts and insults

Fucking fingers, spitting, and yelling like “power-hungry gay ass” or “home court referee” are part of the lives of many football referees when refereeing youth and league football.

A new survey conducted by the DBU shows that seven out of ten of the 1,400 judges surveyed over the past two years have experienced shouting, pushing or scolding on Facebook. Several also report threats, saliva splashes and slaps.

DBU is therefore launching a new campaign called “Shout Nice”. The campaign must help to put an end to the lack of respect and ugly tone for the fights. And strike a blow for players and spectators to behave nicer on and around the football field.

– Football is about emotions, community and fighting spirit. But we will not accept bad behavior and rude language on the football field.

– That is why we insist that we must respect each other and behave properly, says Deputy Chairman of DBU, Bent Clausen, in a press release.

The “Shout Nice” campaign will help both players, coaches and spectators to change statements like idiots and shit judges with more roomy shouts in the heat of the match, writes DBU.

Football commentator and former national team player Stig Tøfting is part of a campaign film as part of the effort.

– Everyone can make mistakes, but when we see episodes of violence, saliva and threats, it is combed over.

– And then we have to take action. The effort “Råb Pænt” is a hint with a cartwheel that you have to think twice before you freak out, says Stig Tøfting in the press release.

In addition to the campaign film, the “Shout Nice” initiative also consists of a competition on social media and materials for the clubs in the form of posters for the changing rooms and at the courts.

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