New beetle species found for the first time in Denmark

New beetle species found for the first time in Denmark

A completely new beetle species has been found in the area around the old freight railway in Rødbyhavn.

This is stated by Banedanmark, writes TV2 Øst.

It is the beetle species “Acalles Hypocrita”, which has never been found in Denmark before.

Many years of estate management on the old estate in Rødbyhavn have created a dry and nutrient-poor nature, which is reminiscent of a steppe landscape. Rare plants and insects that have come to the area with freight wagons as blind passengers thrive here.

– The old freight railway area in Rødbyhavn is a very special nature area. It is very raw and gravelly and rocky. This makes it a particularly good environment for light-loving and heat-loving animals, plants and insects. This is what Randi Skogstad, infrastructure director at Banedanmark, says, according to TV2 Øst.

In addition to the beetle species, the “Halyomorpha Halys” was also found. This is only the fifth time it has been found in Denmark.

The beetle species was found for the event Bioblitz, which is about finding and identifying as many animal and plant species as possible in a specific area over a short period of time.

From Saturday to Sunday, children and adults collected 553 plant and animal species.

Source: The Nordic Page





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