The President of Finland demands easier deployment of troops

Sauli Niinistö on saturday, finland was able to make a historic decision to send armed personnel to afghanistan to support evacuation efforts in kabul. But according to Niinistö, it is easier for Finland to send troops to operations led by other countries than to send military personnel to help its own citizens.

Niinistö called for updating the laws to prepare for future events that require the rapid deployment of the Finnish army. Foreign minister Pekka Haavisto agreed with the idea.

"It is important that Finnish troops can quickly help the Finnish authorities in situations such as evacuation. We do not know what kind of crises the world sees. It is important that we can protect Finns in these situations," Haavisto told Yle about Niinistö’s proposal.

Seeds of freedom

Niinistö said that Finland learned a lot during its years of crisis management in Afghanistan, but noted that the West failed to stabilize the country.

"It became clear that if not enough local people or groups are strongly committed to changing their lifestyle or society to what we consider good, it will not succeed," the president told Yle.

He also said "the seed of freedom" had been planted in the ground for two decades during its Western presence.

"No doubt the whole generation has experienced a free or somewhat free life – very free, at least compared to the Taliban," he told Yle.

Niinistö also said he wanted an open discussion on migration issues, as the Afghan crisis is expected to trigger a flood of asylum seekers from Europe.

"Now we must have the courage to speak openly, analytically and clearly about migration, which also causes problems," he said.

Source: The Nordic Page





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