The Swedish pedophile hunt

Today we take a closer look at the group of people who think that the penalties for rape of children in Sweden are not enough, at those who think that perpetrators of sex crimes against children must be lured out of their hiding places, made visible and hung out. Sometimes these activists are called pedophile hunters. But they are a fairly diverse group of people.

It’s about everything from people who hang out convicted and suspected criminals online – to those who like traps, confront and film their hunt. It is also about those who act with legal methods when they think that society is failing – and then there are those who resort to violence.

How do they think? And how common is it that an innocent person or a person who is suspected or convicted of child abuse – himself or herself is subjected to abuse?

* If you feel that you have lost control of your sexuality, are worried about thoughts and actions, or are afraid of hurting yourself or others, you can seek help and advice anonymously at the helpline preventell: 020-66 77 88 or go to http: //

Reporter: Josephine Freje
Host: Martin Wicklin
Viktor Papini
Recordist: Fredrik Nilsson






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