Wammen will preserve the treasury in otherwise normal finance law

– The Finance Act, which I will present tomorrow, is an expression of the fact that the Danish economy is doing really, really well. Where last year we had a finance law that was supposed to speed things up so that we could take care of the workplaces and our companies, now there is a need for us to ease our foot off the accelerator. That is why it will be a finance law where we tighten up, says Nicolai Wammen.

However, this does not immediately mean that Danes must fear savings. The tightening consists primarily in the government wanting to return to a normal level as before the corona.

In one area, however, the scheme will continue to be characterized by corona. It is the so-called “war box”, as the Minister of Finance has dubbed it. The war fund was introduced last year to be able to afford to meet economic challenges from the corona.

It will continue to be part of the new proposal for next year’s Finance Act:

– We will propose that we get a war fund for the extra expenses that may come from the corona. It is timely care. We may not need it. And if we do not, it should not be used for all sorts of other things. But it is wise that we make sure to have one more year with the war fund when we are still in a time where there is uncertainty, says Nicolai Wammen.

He will not reveal the size of the war chest until Monday, which he calls “appropriate”. In last year’s budget proposal, the war fund was worth DKK 9.2 billion.

Source: The Nordic Page





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