Arne-pension sends hundreds of applicants to the National Archives

To be entitled to an earlier pension, the so-called Arne pension, applicants must be able to document up to 44 years in the labor market. This can be difficult and has led to hundreds of applications for documents at the National Archives.

It writes Fagbladet FOA, which at the same time writes that it provides extended case processing of nine to 12 months.

– Citizens seek help to find documentation that is not already with Udbetaling Danmark, and which can document their connection to the labor market.

– We are in dialogue with the relevant authorities about possible solutions to the current challenges with long case processing times in the self-access area, writes deputy director at the National Archives Ole Magnus Mølbak Andersen to the trade magazine.

The much-discussed right to early retirement was adopted in December in the Folketing. The court must ensure that people with many years in the labor market can retire earlier without this happening due to attrition.

A 61-year-old will, for example, be able to retire three years before the state pension age if he or she has been in the labor market for 44 years. However, the 44 years must be documented, and here it can be difficult. Because there is no register information when you go further back in time.

Therefore, applicants can contact the National Archives to get data about themselves from, for example, the Central Taxpayer Register or the Person Income Register.

That has 867 people done alone in the first four weeks of August.

Maria Melchiorsen, federal secretary at FOA, tells her trade magazine that for many of the members it can be difficult to document the first part of their working life:

– It does not change the fact that they have had many years in the labor market and need to retire.

– The same applies to members who may come from abroad, and how do you document their labor market affiliation in another country? This question clearly has our attention.

Applications for early retirement were opened on 1 August this year. According to the Ministry of Employment, there were 7124 applications in the first three days of August.

The ministry states that updated figures are expected in the near future.

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