Corona admissions are rising to their highest level since early June

Corona admissions are rising to their highest level since early June

In seven weeks, the number of inpatients has tripled.

However, Allan Randrup Thomsen, professor of experimental virology at the University of Copenhagen, does not think there is any reason to panic.

– Overall, it looks quiet with regard to the spread of infection.

– The number of inpatients is rising, but it is by no means threatening, he says.

The infected have been found on the basis of 55,984 PCR samples, where they are vaccinated in the throat for coronavirus.

This means that the proportion of infected among those tested – the so-called positive percentage – is 1.36.

No new corona-related deaths have been reported. Thus, 2580 people have passed away after having previously been diagnosed with covid-19.

The roll-out of vaccines continues, and in the last 24 hours, 14,154 vaccine injections have been given.

Thus, 75.2 percent of the population has received at least one sting, while 71.2 percent have received both stings and have been vaccinated.

According to Allan Randrup Thomsen, we are in a kind of waiting position in relation to the further spread of the infection.

– At the moment it looks nice, but we still have to keep our tongues straight in our mouths and be prepared that we may well get higher up in infection rates and also hospitalizations in the autumn, he says.

– We are in a kind of waiting situation, where we await how the situation will be in this post-vaccinated society.

– How will the two groups – the unvaccinated children under the age of 12 and the remaining group who have not been vaccinated – affect the overall picture, he says.

The National Board of Health announced on Monday that people with a severely weakened immune system will be offered a third plug.

These include people with certain types of serious blood and bone marrow diseases, organ transplant recipients, people on dialysis and people who have received chemotherapy during this year.

The Minister of Health, Magnus Heunicke (S), aims for 90 percent of the invited target groups to receive the first vaccine before 1 October.

At present, 86 per cent have received at least one injection when looking at the target groups for which the vaccine has been approved.

Among other things, it is pop-up vaccination sites in schools and in vulnerable residential areas that must help to achieve the goal.

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