Dansk Erhverv lacks a solution to labor supply in the Finance Act

Dansk Erhverv lacks a solution to labor supply in the Finance Act

– We currently see that the shortage of labor is extremely high – it is both in construction, in the service industry and industry – and this is partly due to the fact that we have come flying out of the corona crisis, but also that the public sector has increased a lot in scope, he says.

He therefore believes that there is a need to reduce the number of public employees.

– It is not only in the health care system, it is to a large extent also in the public administration, where we have seen that the number of employees has increased significantly during the corona crisis.

– The government must actively step in and make a prioritization of how to make cuts in the public sector, he says.

Public construction in particular should be looked at by the government.

– There is also a need to review the public construction activities with a comb, so that you can find out which projects can be canceled or postponed.

Dansk Industri has proposed that the unemployment benefit rate for newly graduated academics be reduced in order to increase the labor supply. The Danish Chamber of Commerce agrees with this proposal.

– We believe that it will make a positive contribution to the labor supply.

However, he believes that the most effective will be to make sure to attract more foreign labor.

– There is a need to lower the amount limit for how much you have to earn to get to the country and work, so we can get a more qualified workforce, he says.

There are no concrete measures to get more hands on the labor market in the budget proposal that Ritzau has seen.

Finance Minister Nicolai Wammen (S) will present the government’s proposal for the Finance Act at a press conference on Monday at 11 am.

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