Forensic psychiatry must be scrutinized after harsh criticism

It writes the Ministry of Justice in a press release.

– We need more to be done to make the process easier for the criminals who, due to mental illness, are not suitable for a regular prison sentence and therefore end up in psychiatry, the minister writes in the press release.

The problems in forensic psychiatry have been known for a long time. Which is emphasized by the fact that this is not a new working group – but a continuation of a working group set up by the previous government in 2018. This did not finish its work – “among other things due to the election call in 2019”.

In April, the state auditors criticized that the psychiatry and the Danish Prison and Probation Service complied with the deadlines in less than half of the cases and that there were problems in all parts of the patients’ course.

The purpose of the courses is for patients to get better and avoid new crime. But the long waiting times entail a risk that this will happen to a greater extent, according to the State Auditors.

– In addition to the consequences for the individual patient, there is a risk that the purpose of the sentenced measure does not have the desired crime prevention effect, the State Auditors stated.

In connection with the establishment of the working group, Nick Hækkerup has sent a statement to the parliamentary parties on top of the criticism from the State Auditors.

Here he writes that work is already being done on the problems that have been pointed out.

– The work does not stop there, however. As the National Audit Office’s report highlights, forensic psychiatry is a complex area where many different authorities must work together in the handling of forensic psychiatric patients, the minister writes.

The working group must submit its recommendations by the end of 2022 at the latest.

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