Judges are sought for historic mink replacements that pull out

Judges, lawyers and civil servants are to head so-called appraisal commissions. They must determine the value of each of the up to 1000 mink farms.

Before the summer holidays, job postings were made to staff the commissions, which are established in each of the five regions.

20 chairmen will be needed for assessment commissions and 16 chairmen for over-assessment commissions.

The latter is a kind of second instance that has to deal with appeals against decisions at first instance.

It is a historic task they have to handle, explains the head of the payment unit in the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, Merete Roos.

– The appraisal commissions will write Danish history, because the task of appraising and paying compensation to the mink profession is unique, she says.

In addition to 36 chairmen, people with competencies in auditing and with special insight into mink breeding and feed production must be used.

Tage Pedersen, chairman of the Danish Fur Breeders’ Association and the auction house Kopenhagen Fur, admits that it is a heavy and complicated task.

But he believes it has taken too long to get the setup in place.

– It is a difficult case, because it is the first time you close down an entire business.

– But I think it has taken a very long time, and it also takes a long time before the commissions can get started with the work, he says.

The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration cannot say when the work of taxing will start.

However, once judges and the other experts have begun work, it will take up to three years before the final compensation is paid.

It appears from a response from the Ministry of Food.

According to Tage Pedersen, this is an unreasonably long time, and he appeals for the process to be speeded up.

– Everyone is in a waiting position and lives only at the mercy of the banks.

– They are waiting for a clarification so that they can move on in their lives, and therefore it is important that things go well when you start to assess, says Tage Pedersen.

At present, according to the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, DKK 1.9 billion has been paid to mink breeders for killing mink last autumn.

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