Ministry of Foreign Affairs: The evacuation operation in Afghanistan is not over

Finland’s operation to evacuate people from Afghanistan is not over yet, said the Foreign Ministry’s Special Representative for Afghanistan Pekka KaihilahtiNevertheless, the ministry announced the completion of the air evacuation last week.

Possible evacuation on land through neighboring countries has been discussed as an option, Kaihilahti told Yle TV1’s morning morning Yle TV1 and added that co-operation with other EU countries will increase as the situation develops.

"The EU has been invisible recently, but the more we make progress here, the more the importance of the EU will come to the fore." Kaihilahti said.

Finland and other EU member states can co-operate by using joint influence and sharing contacts, he added, especially when the development aid needed by Afghanistan provides the EU with bargaining power.

"Afghanistan is currently experiencing a major humanitarian catastrophe, its economy is in collapse and its assets have been frozen abroad. If the Taliban wants to recover from this predicament in any way in the future, it also needs development cooperation," Kaihilahti stated.

Foreign minister Pekka Haavisto (Green) said at a news conference on Saturday that the United States helped Finland evacuate another 83 people from the Afghan capital on Friday night after Finnish troops left Afghanistan on Thursday.

Last Thursday, the All Points North podcast was heard from Yle’s correspondent Maija Liuhto On the situation in Afghanistan. You can listen to the entire podcast using the embedded player here, via Yle Areena, Spotify or Apple Podcasts, or on your regular podcast player via RSS feed.

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