On Wednesday, the country’s four closed parishes will reopen

On Wednesday, the country's four closed parishes will reopen

Since mid-April, the country’s municipalities have been forced to close, among other things, schools and leisure activities in parishes where the infection has reached a certain level.

On Wednesday, however, the executive order that allows the automatic closure expires. Therefore, the country’s four closed parishes can reopen. It writes TV 2.

Currently, there are four parishes where community life is limited by an automatic shutdown. These are Tvis in Holstebro Municipality, Skelund in Mariagerfjord Municipality, Vollsmose in Odense Municipality and Saltum in Jammerbugt Municipality.

Parishes must shut down if there is the equivalent of more than 1,000 infected per 100,000 citizens over seven days. During the period, there must also be at least 20 cases of infection, and at least three percent of the tests performed must be positive.

A parish reopens when all the criteria have not been met for seven days in a row.

Currently, Saltum has lived up to those requirements for five days, while Vollsmose and Skelund have done so for four days. Nevertheless, they can reopen on Wednesday.

If there is a high level of infection in a school, it will still be possible to close it down. The Danish Agency for Patient Safety can continue to issue such an order.

An executive order has the same effect as a law. However, it has not been adopted by the Folketing, but issued administratively by a ministry.

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