OVERVIEW: Fear of virus mutation led to mass killing

OVERVIEW: Fear of virus mutation led to mass killing

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* The government decided in November 2020 that all the country’s mink should be slaughtered. This was done for fear that a mutated coronavirus could reduce the effect of future vaccines against covid-19.

* It turned out that there was no legal basis behind the decision, and this led to the then Minister of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries Mogens Jensen (S) resigning from the post.

* The legal basis came into place before Christmas and means that mink keeping is banned in 2021.

* In January 2021, a political majority agreed on a framework agreement that allocates between 16 and 19 billion kroner in compensation to mink breeders and followers, for example feed and fur companies.

* Mink breeders can choose between compensation for permanent shutdown of mink production or a so-called dormancy scheme.

* The latter makes it possible to obtain compensation for fixed costs under the temporary ban on mink keeping.

* In the summer of 2021, the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration will start advertising for judges, lawyers and officials to staff assessment commissions.

* They must determine the compensation for the individual mink breeder and for the follower profession.

* It is still unknown when the commissions can pull on the workwear.

* As of 27 August 2021, DKK 1.9 billion has been paid to mink breeders for killing mink in the autumn.

Source: Ritzau.

Source: The Nordic Page





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