OVERVIEW: Key points in the government’s budget proposal

On Monday morning, Minister of Finance Nicolai Wammen (S) presented the government’s proposal on what next year’s budget for the state should look like.

Here are some of the elements of the government’s budget proposal:

* Coherence between city and country: DKK 430 million in 2022.

In its proposal, the government has proposed that DKK 2 billion be spent on this over the next four years. Among other things, the money will go to finance two of the government’s previous initiatives.

One concerned, among other things, the relocation of study places from the big cities to the country. The second was aimed at developing the capital, including DKK 23 million in 2022 for more sports facilities in Copenhagen and Frederiksberg.

* Krigskasse: Four billion kroner in 2022.

In recent years, the government has set aside money for corona spending. There will again in 2022 be such a “war box” for corona spending. According to the government, there must be four billion kroner.

They must be dedicated exclusively to corona action, according to the government. Nicolai Wammen has emphasized that it is not certain that the money will be used.

* Money for the negotiating table: NOK 1.2 billion.

In its proposal, the government has set aside some money in a negotiation reserve, which is not intended in advance for any specific purpose, but which the government intends to go to welfare and green transition. This is money that the government will negotiate with the rest of the parliamentary parties about.

* Expansion of housing allowance ceases.

The temporary extension of the housing benefit scheme for this year will not be extended, as Finance Minister Nicolai Wammen announced earlier this summer.

The government wants the housing allowance scheme, also called the craftsmen’s deduction, back to the level from last year. The government’s own support parties The Radicals, the Socialist People’s Party and the Unity List want the scheme completely abolished.

* Strengthen the probation service.

The government will allocate almost DKK 1.4 billion to strengthen the penitentiary system over the next four years.

This is because the penitentiary’s physical framework is being challenged by more inmates and fewer employees. The government will ensure better education and a strengthened working environment among the employees.

In the autumn, the government will invite the parliamentary parties to negotiations.

Source: Ministry of Finance.

Source: The Nordic Page





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