Paludan in court: The government has adopted my policy

Politicians are protected by extended freedom of expression. But the court in Næstved – which convicted him in the original case – believed that his statements were not part of a “factual political discussion”.

– Other parties have adopted my policy. I suggested a reception center in Northeast Greenland three years ago, when it was completely insane. Now the ruling party has a similar policy.

– Now I do not have to sit here and say that it’s just me alone, but there is no doubt that Stram Kurs has changed Danish politics, says Rasmus Paludan to the High Court.

Prosecutor Rikke Jensen will seek to prove that Paludan has expressed racism in several contexts.

This is done by presenting, among other things, video material, twitter messages and content from Stram Kurs’ website, which according to the prosecution shows racist remarks.

Rasmus Paludan disputes several of the prosecutor’s allegations.

Among other things, he is accused of handing out a leaflet with racist messages on Bornholm.

He handed out other leaflets that day, but not the one he is charged with, he explains.

Prosecutor Rikke Jensen also presents evidence from a twitter account where, according to her, racist tweets have been written. Rasmus Paludan denies that it has anything to do with him.

The same applies to content on Stram Kurs’ facebook page.

– I have had nothing to do with what was posted, says Rasmus Paludan.

At the Court in Næstved in 2020, he was sentenced to three months in prison for a number of violations of the Criminal Code’s racism clause and for having violated a woman’s honor during a demonstration in Nørrebro in Copenhagen.

Paludan was also convicted of four violations of the Traffic Act and one violation of the Data Protection Act. So on top of the prison sentence came a fine of 8500 kroner.

In addition, he was sentenced to pay compensation of 30,000 kroner to the woman whose honor he violated.

The party Stram Kurs, of which Rasmus Paludan is the founder, did not enter the Folketing in the 2019 election.

Source: The Nordic Page





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