The National Board of Health will provide third plugs for 50,000 sick citizens

The National Board of Health will provide a third plug for people with a severely weakened immune system.

This is stated by the National Board of Health in a press release.

These include people with certain types of serious blood and bone marrow diseases, organ transplant recipients, people on dialysis and people who have received chemotherapy during 2021.

According to Helene Probst, deputy director of the National Board of Health, the recommendation is due to the fact that people with a weakened immune system do not have quite as good protection from the vaccines.

– The vast majority of people with a weakened immune system are expected to be well protected against a serious course of covid-19 when they have been vaccinated. However, people with a severely weakened immune system have a very reduced or no effect of the vaccine.

– Therefore, they will now be offered a third plug to boost their immune response and thus protect them from a serious course of covid-19, she says in the press release.

According to the Danish Health and Medicines Authority, around 50,000 citizens will be offered a third plug.

You can get your third plug at the earliest, one month after you have got the second plug. A maximum of nine months must elapse after the second plug. They will be offered either Pfizer / BioNTech or Moderna.

The corona vaccines are not approved to be used for a third sting, but have nevertheless chosen to recommend it because there are studies that suggest that it can provide better protection.

– There is some evidence that a third dose of vaccine in addition to the two doses given to complete the primary vaccination program, can increase these patients’ immune response and thereby help prevent serious disease with covid-19, writes the National Board of Health.

The National Board of Health announced already last week that it was on the steps with recommendations for a third plug for patients with low immune systems.

The National Board of Health is also in the process of assessing whether more people should have a third plug.

For the first time, it will probably be the elderly citizens who were vaccinated first – for example, residents of nursing homes.

Source: The Nordic Page





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