The Queen’s budget for 2022 will be smaller

As in this year, the amount includes a benefit of DKK 1.3 million for Princess Benedict. Thus, there is a total of 86.5 million kroner left for the queen.

According to the Ministry of Finance, however, the smaller budget will not affect the actual payment to the Queen. Or the rest of the royal family for that matter. It should thus be unchanged, informs the Ministry of Finance, which adds that there is no “savings on the Queen and the House of Lords”.

Also the rest of the members of the royal family generally stand to get a smaller budget next year.

They stand to receive DKK 27.3 million against DKK 27.8 million this year.

The vast majority of the amount for the remaining royal family will go to Crown Prince Frederik. Namely 21.7 million kroner. That amount includes an annual benefit of 2.2 million kroner to Crown Princess Mary.

Prince Joachim is set to receive 3.8 million kroner in 2022, and then there is 1.8 million kroner for Count Ingolf. It also roughly corresponds to the distribution this year.

From 2021, Countess Alexandra will no longer receive an annual benefit of DKK 2.6 million.

In 2017, the Countess announced that she no longer wanted to receive annuities from the state when Prince Felix turned 18 years old. He filled it on July 22, 2020. Prince Felix is ​​the countess’s youngest son with ex-husband Prince Joachim.

The S-government must first negotiate a majority before the bill for a finance bill can be passed. But usually the government’s proposal is not changed when it comes to the royal house.

The expectation at Christiansborg is that the Finance Act agreement must be entered into with a red block. That is, the Socialist People’s Party, the Radicals and the Unity List.

The state grant for the royal house is also called apanage or annuity.

The state’s benefit to the regent and members of the royal family is enshrined in the Constitution.

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