They did it heck! Denmark is finally holding the Olympics

Underdogs again
No NHL players attended the recent Winter Games in Pyeongchang, but the Danes hope that this will not be the case next year.

“I am absolutely convinced that an agreement will be reached so that we can get our NHL players to Beijing,” Kim Pedersen, the Danish general manager, told TV2 News.

“I think a decision will be made over the next few weeks. Maybe even next week. ”

And judging by the group Denmark is in, they will demand that all their top players can participate to create a surprise in Beijing.

The Danes are drawn in group B against teams that all rank higher on the IIHF world rankings.

Russia is in third place in the world, while the Czech Republic (6th) and Switzerland (8th) will all dress up against Denmark (12th).

The Winter Games in Beijing take place from 4.-20. February.

Source: The Nordic Page





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