TV 2 chairman rejects deliberate mistakes in case of Greenlandic election

There has been no deliberate attempt to influence the outcome of the Greenlandic election, when TV 2 in April brought an article about the politician Múte Egede, which the media subsequently had to withdraw.

This is what the chairman of the board, Jimmy Maymann, said in a statement on the matter. It writes Mediawatch.

TV 2 was asked to make the statement to former Minister of Culture Joy Mogensen (S).

– It has been crucial for the managerial handling of the case that neither in the statements for the course of the case, TV 2’s editor-in-chief received on 6 April 2021 from the employees involved and the editor-in-chief with overall responsibility for TV 2’s coverage of the Greenlandic county council election, subsequent investigations of the course have found indications that the errors in connection with the article have been intended, writes Jimmy Maymann according to Mediawatch.

The article, which was published a few days before the election in Greenland, stated that the politician Múte Egede had been incompetent in two cases, of which he himself had had an economic advantage.

But that was wrong. TV 2 had to withdraw the story and regret that it had been brought.

Múte Egede, who ended up winning the election and becoming national chairman of Greenland, believes that the story was planted to influence the outcome of the election.

TV2’s handling of the case has given rise to harsh criticism, and editor-in-chief Ulla Østergaard, who pressed for the story to be made, subsequently resigned.

According to the statement, the fixed procedures on TV 2 were not complied with when the article was brought.

According to the statement, it is a fixed procedure on TV 2 that all articles are read by the peer and then by the editor, writes Mediawatch.

Subsequently, the chief guard, who is the supreme editorial authority of the day, must be involved if reporters or editors need to ensure that the ethical guidelines and good press practice are complied with – for example, if there are anonymous sources in the article.

But in the story with Múte Egede, where anonymous sources were included, the chief guard was not involved, writes TV 2 in the statement.

According to the Greenlandic media Sermitsiaq, the new Minister of Culture Ane Halsboe-Jørgensen (S) writes in a reply to the Folketing’s Culture Committee that she will not interfere in the matter.

– But I would like to say very clearly that I find the matter serious, and it is clear that it is extra serious when it has happened up to a democratic election.

– I would therefore like to appeal to TV 2 to take this case extremely seriously, writes Ane Halsboe-Jørgensen according to Sermitsiaq.

Source: The Nordic Page





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