Blue parties will let ex-defense chief investigate Afghanistan exit

The blue parties in the Folketing want a former chief of defense to be in charge of an investigation into the course of Denmark’s exit from Afghanistan.

It writes Politiken.

All the parties in the Folketing agree that the process must be investigated. The government itself has suggested that it is the ministers who will be responsible for it.

But according to the Liberal Party, it should be one of the former chiefs of defense who takes on the leadership role in such a study to make it external and impartial.

– The only thing the government has presented is an internal investigation, says foreign affairs spokesman Michael Aastrup Jensen (V) to Politiken and adds:

– So it’s kind of powerless. When the government does not take on the task, then we must do it, in the hope that we can gather a majority around us, which can then pressure the government to do it.

Specifically, the Liberal Party will have investigated whether Denmark’s evacuation from Afghanistan could have been handled better.

The investigation should revolve around what evacuation decisions were made or not made in the responsible ministries, in the time after the United States announced that the country would withdraw its troops from Afghanistan.

The proposal receives support from the Danish People’s Party, the Conservatives and the New Bourgeois.

However, the blue parties are dependent on at least one of the government’s support parties supporting the proposal if a majority is to be created.

And it looks difficult.

Among the radicals, foreign affairs spokesman Martin Lidegaard tells Politiken that the party “seeks the same answers as the Liberal Party”, but that it is also “fair” that the authorities themselves are allowed to present the course.

SF and the Unity List are hesitant as long as an evaluation of the process is ongoing. The Unity List is also critical of the fact that it is a Chief of Defense who will be in charge of a subsequent investigation.

Politiken has not received a comment from Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod (S).

Source: The Nordic Page





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