Katie Paterson’s IHME order consists of the scents of the first and last forest

“We share a quarter of our DNA with trees, and trees are our lifeline. However, we have harvested nearly half of our planet’s forests and destroy rainforests so quickly that they could disappear in a hundred years. I believe the planet and its entire life are closely connected and we can face climate protection more effectively through our senses, intuitively with. Katie Paterson talks about her art.

Collaboration with researchers

Katie Paterson’s studio has collaborated scientists clarify questions such as how to define the world’s first forest? What kind of trees and plants grew in the Devon forest 385 million years ago? What living forms of life today resemble those ancient species? Ecologists and biologists studying endangered rainforest biomass are studying the Earth’s living forests that are in danger of disappearing into our lives, and their scents.

The scents of past and future forests were converted into custom-made incense in collaboration with Japanese incense maker Shoyeido.

Venues and schedules for smoking events

Ceremonies The IHME Helsinki Commission 2021 is held almost every day in September and the top two. Weather reservation for outdoor ceremonies – Suomenlinna, Kumpula Botanical Garden and Observatory.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, only 25 people are allowed to gather indoors, so participants will be included in the order of arrival at the event / meeting venue. We recommend arriving 10-15 minutes early.

The incense ceremony lasts about an hour and admission is free. Please arrive on time and allow yourself to relax, as this will allow you to create a peaceful experience for other participants as well.

Some of the ceremonies are aimed at specific target groups.

Changes are possible, follow the updates IHME website.

Free entry. Warm welcome!

Discussion: Katie Paterson and David Haskell

IHME hosts an online discussion between IHME Helsinki 2021 artist Katie Paterson and professor David Haskell at 6 pm (EEST / Finnish time, UTC +3) on Wednesday, September 8, 2021.

David Haskell is one of the researchers with whom Katie has collaborated with the IHME Helsinki Commission 2021 Burn, forest, fire.

Katie’s dialogue with Professor Haskell was particularly important in determining the scent of the last forest, and she has also added an essay to the library to be published in connection with the project.

David Haskell’s work as a writer, scientist, and recorder reminds us that the essence and beauty of life arise from relationships and interdependence. He is the author of award-winning books Invisible forest and Songs of the trees, and is a professor at Sewanee: The University of the South, Tennessee, USA.

Source: IHME Helsinki

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