Lawyer leans to get Paludan discount to Supreme Court

Lawyer leans to get Paludan discount to Supreme Court

The district court thought 30,000 kroner was an appropriate amount, but it changed the high court to 5,000 kroner.

It surprises and disappoints Tyge Trier, who is the aid lawyer for the Somali woman.

– I think it is a very drastic reduction that has happened in the High Court. With all due respect, I think the verdict might be wrong on that point.

– As of 1 January 2019, the Folketing decided that one should multiply by three on these allowances for defamation. And therefore it is difficult for me to see that you can reach a level called 5000 kroner. It is simply too low in my opinion, says Tyge Trier.

They are now considering applying to have the case before the Supreme Court via the so-called Procedural Grants Board. They have 14 more days.

– Now we must have the reasons for the verdict, which we will receive on Friday, and then we must think carefully. But I tend to advise her to try to move on with it, he says.

The defamation of the Somali woman took place during a demonstration in Copenhagen, where Paludan had claimed that the woman was selling her services on Istedgade.

Rasmus Paludan was also sentenced on Thursday to three months probation by the Eastern High Court.

When the case was assessed by the Court in Næstved last summer, one of the three months was made unconditional.

He has been convicted of insulting statements in four cases. In another case – where he spoke at the Folkemødet on Bornholm – an acquittal has taken place.

The insults were directed at Muslims, the Prophet Muhammad and Greenlanders.

The case also included a few violations of the Traffic Act. Here, the consequence is an unconditional revocation of the driving license for one year and a fine of DKK 8,500.

However, the 39-year-old lawyer was acquitted of the prosecution’s demand that he not be allowed to deal with criminal cases and cases of free trial for three years.

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