Association of Nurses: Helsinki and private employers who hire a cartel

The Association of Nurses Tehy reported in its member magazine on Thursday that the City of Helsinki has entered into an agreement with three major private health care providers to prevent them from poaching municipal care workers.

Make a chair Millariikka Rytkönen told Yle that the association began the investigation after hearing clues from members.

"We received emails that members had received from leading people in three companies stating that we were recruiting you, you could be a very suitable candidate, but unfortunately they cannot because there is a valid contract with the City of Helsinki," Rytkönen said.

Tehy has lodged a complaint with the Parliamentary Ombudsman seeking compensation from the Members concerned.

According to the trade union, Helsinki has been guilty of discrimination prohibited by the Finnish Constitution and has prevented employees from earning their living in the way they see fit.

Deputy Mayor of Helsinki for Social and Health Care, Daniel Sazonov (NCP), disputed the allegations.

"In my view, the argument that Helsinki is part of the cartel is absurd," said Sazonov, who, however, acknowledged that some contracts contain clauses restricting recruitment practices.

"Helsinki concludes service purchase agreements and individual agreements may be such that employers cannot provide jobs by providing the service in question to city employees," said Sazonov.

Rytkönen said that he had received huge feedback from members about the case.

"On this basis, it seems that these three companies are not the only ones, and it also seems that this model is more widely used throughout Finland," said Rytkönen. "At this point, I don’t want to give any more information because we want to be sure of the facts first."

Yle has requested the emails on which Tehy is based, but the union has so far refused to give them to outsiders.

Helsingin Sanomat and MTV were the first to report on the matter on Thursday.

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