Charge: Mother was killed by husband and son for being an infidel

But the 17-year-old boy was not alone in the killing, prosecutors say. Therefore, both the son and his 60-year-old father, who was married to the woman, are charged with the crime.

It shows the indictment, which Ritzau has gained insight into.

The indictment states that the teenager and his father had carefully planned the killing for an extended period of time. In addition, they had made a plan for the 17-year-old to take the blame for the murder alone. Both to the family and the Danish authorities.

The motive was, among other things, that the woman was an infidel and refused to hand over a property to her husband.

– The defendants planned and carried out the killing because they found that (the woman killed, ed.) Was a non-orthodox Muslim and thus an infidel, and because (the woman, ed.) Refused to hand over a deed to a property (to the 60 -year-old man, ed.), it reads in the indictment.

In general, the indictment is more concrete than is often the case in murder cases. The two men are charged with murder in particularly aggravating circumstances. In fact, there are several aggravating circumstances.

The more detailed indictment also came behind prosecutor Philip Møller, who has prepared the indictment and meetings in the case when it is heard at the Court in Randers in November and December.

– I was surprised myself. It is a very unusual way to do it, but it is well thought out after I have read the 3000 pages that the case covers, says Philip Møller.

– There are so many aggravating circumstances in this case, which help to explain a motive and a planning, he elaborates.

Among other things, the men risk being punished for having committed the murder based on the woman’s religion, which has its own legal clause.

In addition, it appears from the indictment that the father is accused of having made the son participate in the planning and execution of the murder by exploiting the boy’s young age, lack of insight and dependency.

The family comes from Afghanistan, and the 17-year-old came to Denmark with his parents.

Both men risk being deported from Denmark permanently.

The 60-year-old denies guilt. The 17-year-old pleads guilty in part.

– I can state that he admits to having caused his mother’s death by using stabs with a knife, but that he acted in self-defense, as he was attacked by his mother and thereby acted in self-defense, says the teenager’s defender, Henrik Garlik.

The trial is scheduled to begin on November 8.

Source: The Nordic Page





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