Hundreds of personal data were compromised in a phishing attack at the University of Oulu

At the University of Oulu, the usernames and passwords of students and staff fell into the wrong hands this week, according to the institution.

Phishers received passwords from 700 to 800 people, Kaarlo Määttä, Told Yle, Information Security Manager at the University of Oulu.

The IT management of the University of Oulu has blocked certain usernames and changed passwords to prevent further damage. The university said it was weighing in whether a criminal report was made to the authorities.

Hacked information is obtained through so-called phishing email, which is the process of tricking someone into revealing personal information such as passwords. If the victim who is the subject of the phishing trip complies, their information will end up in the hands of the hacker.

According to the university, the breached email accounts were mainly used to send new phishing messages. The messages were received by those with a university address, mainly students. Määttä estimates that thousands of people received the message.

"It worries me that so many are discouraged by the message sent to them," he said.

Changing your password is now recommended for anyone using the university network.

The University of Oulu first reported the violation on its website on Wednesday after a phishing company came out in the morning when users and customer service were involved.

According to Määtä, the IT management received a list of user IDs whose information had been leaked. However, he said there was no way to be sure the problem had been brought under control.

"Given the scale of the matter, the situation is reasonably under control," Määttä said, adding that an assessment would be made as to whether the breach had caused financial damage.

The University of Oulu has a community of about 20,000 students and staff.

The newspaper Ilta-Sanomat is the first to report on the matter.

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