Late summer weather continues in the first autumn weekend of the year

Thus, the summer trends from this week also continue over the weekend after a sometimes cool August.

– It’s nice that the summer did not disappear completely in August. But it is about enjoying it, because suddenly autumn comes, says the meteorologist.

Although Friday begins the cloud, the sun shines through and gets overcast with the clouds during the morning, warming up the whole country.

– There is still speed on the sun, so you can get red on the nose if you do not protect yourself, says Henning Gisselø.

It will be warmest on Zealand, while it will be coolest in Southern Jutland on Friday, says the meteorologist.

According to Henning Gisselø, Saturday and Sunday will also be “some nice late summer days” with first clouds and later a lot of sun for the whole country.

However, it will not be quite as hot as it may be on Friday, but still up around the 20-21 degrees. At night the temperature drops to between 10 and 15 degrees.

The whole weekend keeps the weather dry.

– We are beginning to see that it can be a problem for the fire hazard index that there is no rain, says Henning Gisselø.

On Monday it may rain a bit, although the weather seems to offer fine late summer days a week ahead yet.

According to the meteorologist, it is not unusual for September to be a dry month. More unusual was how chilly August ended up being.

Thus, it appears from DMI’s website that last month was the coldest August in 16 years with an average temperature of 15.7 degrees.

It is 1.2 degrees colder than the average for the last 30 years.

Source: The Nordic Page





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