Lawyer: Newspaper lacks consent from women in Khader investigation

Lawyer: Newspaper lacks consent from women in Khader investigation

The weekend newspaper’s editor-in-chief, Martin Krasnik, tells the trade magazine Journalisten that the women’s stories are included because it is of particular interest to the public.

But Vibeke Borberg does not buy that argument. She is a lawyer specializing in mediation and press ethics.

– I agree with Martin Krasnik that the Khader case is of public interest, and I agree with him that these obscured legal investigations are problematic.

– But I do not agree that the two arguments outweigh the consideration to be given to women who have spoken in confidence on a very personal basis, says Vibeke Borberg.

She refers to both the rules of press ethics and media law.

– The clear starting point is that you must have consent to bring information of this private, personal, sensitive and intimate nature.

– In very exceptional cases, the media may be entitled to do so anyway, if the consideration they take on it is extremely weighty. In other words, consideration outweighs the privacy of these women. I simply do not think that they have such a weighty reasoning, she says.

If the women want it, it is possible, among other things, to go to court.

Here they can claim compensation for invasion of privacy and disclosure of private information.

– I rarely comment on how media law cases turn out. Everything can easily come up during a case that the rest of us do not know about now.

– But it is a serious matter to publish such private and sensitive information without consent. And unless something emerges that shows that the Weekendavisen has in fact safeguarded significant societal interests with the publication of the quotes, then it is likely that the women will to some extent be able to prevail.

How Weekendavisen gained access to the survey is not known.

The law firm Plesner states in a written statement on Friday that it is exclusively Naser Khader and his lawyer, Heidi Højmark Helveg, who have had physical copies of the lawyer’s report from which Weekendavisen brings information on Friday.

At the same time, Plesner concludes that the lawyer’s report depicted in Weekendavisen is one of the two physical copies of the report.

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