Marin: Finland can end restrictions in October

“Our goal for the future is to keep society as open as possible through vaccinations, while ensuring that economic, health and social damage is kept to a minimum,” the Prime Minister was quoted saying On the steps of Helsingin Sanomat Manor House.

Marin pointed out that the government should end the restrictions imposed by the pandemic when more than 80 percent of those over 12 are fully vaccinated. He explained that local authorities could move to combat infection groups at a very local level.

According to Marin, the necessary vaccine coverage should be reached in October.

The most urgent issue on the agenda of the meeting was the amendment of the Communicable Diseases Act to remove the definition of a two-meter safety distance, and this change would also allow for the organization of events with a low transmission risk in a safe manner. in areas where the virus is spreading.

Marin said yesterday afternoon that he hoped the change decision would be made as soon as possible to ease the situation in culture, events and sports.

However, he added later yesterday that preparations for the removal of the conditionality have yet to be completed, saying the Chancellor of Justice is currently investigating the matter. The government is expected to approve the changes no later than Monday, Parliament on the eve of the fall.

“I think it is important that Parliament takes the matter up immediately. We are only talking about preparatory work. The feedback from the consultations will be thoroughly reviewed, ”he said.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT

Source: The Nordic Page





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