New payment system and possible penalties in Strætó

As Vísir reports, the Icelandic public transport organization Strætó plans to launch a new electronic payment system in October this year. Penalty fees have also been proposed for people who travel without a ticket.

People who cannot present a valid ticket to the inspector will have to pay a fine. Its amount is to be proportional to the cost of the ticket and could amount to 30,000 ISK. But it can be reduced by 50% if paid within 14 days.

It is generally known that some travel by public transport without paying for it. Strætó already employs several ticket inspectors, but now intends to temporarily increase their number. In 2018, Strætó CEO Jóhannes Rúnarsson told Vísir that counterfeit bus tickets could cost the company around ISK 200 million.


A new system called Klapp is expected to reduce the possibility of ticket counterfeiting. Strætó representatives say that the new system will be similar to systems from other countries – passengers will scan their bus tickets with a special scanner.

Strætó also announced that individual paper tickets will no longer be sold. Instead, 10-pass cards will be sold. They contain a code that must be scanned when entering the vehicle. The scanner will display how many rides are left on the card. Passengers will be able to purchase these tickets in specific stores throughout the capital.

So far, Strætó has not yet decided whether to give up cash payments on buses.

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