* NEW * The gallery bomb in Finland

The time is 19.36, October 11, 2002. No one has noticed the young man with a backpack standing by the dustbin.

People are thrown away by the shock wave. The interior was blown to pieces. Windows are smashed and parts of the roof fall down. Ambulances from all over southern Finland are participating in the rescue operation.

Seven people die from the explosion, which is described as the worst act against a civilian target in Finland since World War II.

In an online chemistry forum, members wonder what caused the explosion, and who is behind it. And soon the founder of the forum is arrested, a 17-year-old high school student, who is suspected of having exchanged information about explosives with the suspected bomber.

Pirjo Laesterä, mother of Jesse who visits the mall.
Dia Al Shemari, visitors to the mall.
Naim Al Shemari, visitors to the mall.
Anni Jantunen, visitors to the mall.
Leif Johansson, on-duty fire chief.
Christer Fridén, Swedish Radio’s correspondent in Helsinki.
Kimmo Himberg, then head of the police forensic laboratory.
Antti Syrjäaho, the Central Criminal Police’s chief investigator.
Armas, via his book “Petrin matka Myyrmanniin” (2004), father of Petri.

A documentary by: Hanna Sihlman.
Producer: Ida Lundqvist.
Produced: 2021.






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