Offended woman relieved that Khader drops injury case

Offended woman relieved that Khader drops injury case

– Regarding Naser Khader’s decision not to sue us women involved, I am relieved, but not surprised, says Camilla Trustrup in a written comment to Ritzau. She does not elaborate.

In July, Camilla Trustrup shared her episode with Naser Khader to DR.

According to DR in 2006, Camilla Trustrup met Khader. At the time, she was 34 years old.

Naser Khader had founded the Democratic Muslims Association, and she wanted to support it. On that occasion, the two met in her apartment one late Saturday night. He would not meet in public in Nørrebro due to security reasons, Camilla Trustrup has said.

Camilla Trustrup has told DR that Naser Khader at one point complains of pain in his back and shoulders, and he asks if she does not want to massage him.

He then begins to zip down his pants and take off his underpants and pants. To which Camilla Trustrup says: “No, stop, you should not”, DR wrote in July.

It ends with Camilla Trustrup giving Naser Khader a short massage on the shoulder and back, after which she insistently asks him to go.

Several women have come forward with stories of abusive experiences and abuse. Naser Khader has stated after the accusations that he would sue the women for the statements, which, he believes, are untrue.

According to Weekendavisen on Friday, however, a lawyer specializing in injury cases has advised Naser Khader not to sue the women.

In addition, the lawyer has assessed that in no more than two of the seven cases described in the report, Naser Khader is accused of something that is illegal.

The lawyer survey, which Weekendavisen has come into possession of, involves four of the five women with whom DR has spoken, while three other women who have not previously been mentioned in the media participate.

Camilla Trustrup tells Ritzau that she is affected by the fact that information from the lawyer’s investigation has been presented in the newspaper.

– I have been both shaken and angry that Weekendavisen has found it timely to publish deeply personal and intimate material in the case against Naser Khader, where the parties involved were promised anonymity in relation to the public, she says in a written comment.

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