Political editor: The wing war in DF is growing in strength

– It’s the same character gallery that’s struggling. It is Martin Henriksen on the one hand, often flanked by Erik Høegh-Sørensen (North Jutland main board member ed.), And then Peter Kofod and Anders Vistisen on the other.

– It seems that the conflict between the two wings is increasing. There is of course a political disagreement, but it also seems that there is a generational issue that divides the Danish People’s Party, says Casper Dall.

There has long been a disagreement about where the Danish People’s Party should be in foreign policy. Martin Henriksen wants the party to be even tighter. The younger forces, Peter Kofod and Anders Vistisen, stand for a more moderate tone.

At the same time, Peter Kofod and Anders Vistisen are part of a younger generation of DFs, while Martin Henriksen has more than a decade behind him in the party.

Absent in the conflict are chairman Kristian Thulesen Dahl and deputy chairman Morten Messerschmidt. The latter has otherwise long been described as actively seeking the chairmanship.

– There are two reasons for this. Messerschmidt has been put on the sidelines after being convicted in the city court of fraud and forgery.

– And then it runs partly per deputy. Thulesen Dahl and Messerschimdt are not fighting, but the lieutenants have been sent out to discuss the line.

– But when you have read and followed the Danish People’s Party, it seems that there is a really bad mood when they meet in the main board, says Casper Dall.

In the past, public disagreement and wing war have been taboo in the Danish People’s Party, and dissent from the top has been severely cracked down on. It has not happened this time.

– When you now see public disagreement, it is natural to look at Kristian Thulesen Dahl and his leadership.

– He still has the benefit of coming up with his clear interpretation of where they should stand on foreign policy, says the political editor.

On 18 September, the Danish People’s Party will hold a national meeting. According to Casper Dall, however, one should not expect an open showdown against the management or even a challenge from Kristian Thulesen Dahl:

– But there is a basis for there to be political discussions in the corners. For it is a crucial issue for them whether to stick up Nye Borgerlige or whether to move a little closer to the center.

Source: The Nordic Page





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