Søren Espersen: Indecent to challenge Pia Kjærsgaard’s line

– We have exactly the same strong and strict foreign policy that we have always had.

– To start pretending that she (Pia Kjærsgaard, ed.) Is a slacker, it is simply obscene, he says.

Søren Espersen believes that Martin Henriksen directly opposes Pia Kjærgaard’s line in foreign policy when he publicly questions it.

– You simply can not afford that when we have Denmark’s best foreign affairs rapporteur, he says.

The accusation comes after Martin Henriksen in a presentation at a members’ meeting in DF’s department in Hjørring in North Jutland spoke openly about division in the party as far as immigration policy is concerned.

According to Martin Henriksen, the dispute has divided the Danish People’s Party into two factions.

One wing argues that the party should reflect on foreign policy, where the Danish People’s Party in recent years has received opposition from the right in the form of New Citizens.

Martin Henriksen, who is known as a hardliner in foreign policy, disagrees.

He has publicly accused named DFs in the hinterland of silencing his line.

Including Peter Kofod, Member of the European Parliament.

Although Søren Espersen looks critically at the statements, he does not think they have anything to do with the party’s parliamentary group and the work at Christiansborg.

– It’s not good that you can not discuss it in a sensible way.

– But the young people out in the hinterland can just have fun with these discussions. The parliamentary group does not know that, he says.

Source: The Nordic Page





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