Trine Bramsen carried out an Ærø visit following news of Kabul’s fall

Trine Bramsen carried out an Ærø visit following news of Kabul's fall

While Minister of Defense Trine Bramsen (S) had set course for Ærø, where the minister was to meet with local party colleagues, the Taliban was in the process of taking over Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul.

And although the news that the Taliban had taken Kabul came while the Minister was on Ærø, she completed her visit.

It writes TV 2, which has gained insight into data from VesselFinder, which shows the vessel’s route, as well as when it was where.

Here it appears that the cutter, which Bramsen was on board, sailed from Svendborg at approximately 08.05.

It is three hours after the news that the city of Jalalabad fell into the hands of the Taliban.

The journey to Ærø takes about an hour and a half, and the minister arrives in Ærøskøbing at 09.35.

In the same minutes, the media brings the news that the Taliban has occupied Kabul, writes TV 2.

Despite the news, Bramsen stayed on Ærø and set course for Marstal Navigation School.

The visit to the island ended up lasting about an hour and a half. Data from VesselFinder shows that the Home Guard cutter left land at approximately 11.12

Ærø’s mayor, Ole Wej Petersen (S), tells TV 2 that it was he who wanted the minister to visit the school, but it was clear that the minister had other things to look at. According to the mayor, Trine Bramsen had to go to and from the company several times to settle telephone conversations.

TV 2 has spoken to members and candidates from the Social Democrats, who were present on Ærø. They say that Trine Bramsen also went to and from phone calls here.

The Minister’s visit to Ærø has been criticized because she sailed to the island with one of the Navy Home Guard boats. At the same time, she participated in political activities with local politicians on the island.

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