Wednesday Magazines: Immigration Concern, Campaign Budgets and Buffet Breakfast

EU interior ministers met on Tuesday night to blow up the response to the Afghan crisis, with Finland represented by the Green Leader Maria Ohisalo.

Instinctively pro-immigration Ohisalo might not have had a nice evening as ministers argued about the use of the term “illegal immigration”.

Euronews reports that term "has been disputed for its criminal significance. The Commission prefers to use "illegal migration" in official communication".

It really was reports that Finland had supported the efforts of some states to replace it "illegal immigration" with "illegal migration" in the opinion, ministers worked.

However, that attempt failed.

The text as a whole emphasized managing migration and helping Afghans in the region, rather than helping them get to Europe, but after the meeting, Ohisalo emphasized parts that focus on helping the people of the country.

"The key message is that the Afghan people will not be left alone in a crisis," green told Helsingin Sanomat. "In particular, women, children, people who have worked for the country’s human rights, journalists, members of the judiciary, researchers, artists and many others will need support in the future, including those who cannot leave the country."

Ohisalo believes that humanitarian aid is the best way to prevent large-scale migration, and he noted a number of funding channels that have been set up to provide aid.

Great budget campaigns

Evening News is looked at municipal election campaign budget announcements and found the biggest prodigal nationwide.

That is Elina Valtonen (NCP), which moved from Espoo to Helsinki at the last minute after the National Alliance’s campaign went into chaos after the withdrawal of its mayoral candidate.

He spent more than € 78,000 on his campaign, just under € 5 for every 15,793 votes he or she eventually received.

Green mayoral candidate Anni Sinnemäki received less money when he spent € 70,000 to get 7,954 votes. It costs almost nine euros per vote.

The full list of candidates who reported an election budget of € 20,000 or more is in the article, although the IS has not added the final voting figures for the candidates to give an idea of ​​how successful they were.

The buffet boasts

The breakfast buffet is apparently the highlight of many Finns’ travel experiences, according to a study by an accommodation service website reported by Iltalehti.

Frankly, an incredible observation, about 94 percent of Finnish respondents admitted in the survey that they woke up early in order to take advantage of the abundant opportunities to enjoy unlimited amounts of breakfast foods.

About 55 percent of people said they were a little confused about their repeated trips to hotplates and coffee jars, saying they had asked travel companions to bring them more food instead of getting up on their own.

Nevertheless, about 56 per cent of Finnish respondents stated that they usually use 2–4 trips to the tables to collect the most important meal of the day.

Source: The Nordic Page





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