Yle survey: NCP increases its lead, Basic Finns lose support among male voters

The National Coalition Party (NCP) has expanded its leadership position at the forefront of Yle’s latest monthly poll, which is still based on the party’s pace, which has risen to the top of the poll in the June municipal elections.

NCP support rose nearly one percentage point to 21.3 percent during August.

prime minister Sanna MarinThe Social Democratic Party (SDP) is still in second place in the poll, but voter support for the government fell slightly to 18.7 per cent.

Voter support also declined slightly on behalf of the Basic Finns, but the change of leader does not seem to have had a major impact on the party’s general support. Riikka Purra changed Jussi Halla-aho party during the IP.

According to the research director, the most significant difference between basic Finns and the previous survey was the decline in support for male voters Tuomo Turja Economic research research company.

"The decline in support for basic Finns is almost entirely due to men, but support for women has increased slightly," Turja said and added that the general support of basic Finns in the parliamentary elections has clearly decreased during this year.

The party exceeded the overview in Yle’s first monthly survey of the year by 21.9 per cent in January, but the party’s support has since fallen by four percentage points, so Finns came in third with 17.9 per cent.

Meanwhile, the NCP has risen from third place and 16.2 per cent voter support to the top for the third consecutive month.

The internal disagreements within the NCP between the Liberal and Conservative wings that rose to headlines during the municipal election campaign appear to have been resolved to some extent and supporters of both parties are now ready to vote for the party.

"The increase in NCP support comes from those who voted for basic Finns, center parties and the Greens in the previous parliamentary elections. Former green voters seem to be moving to the NCP more and more recently," Turja said.

The Left Alliance sees the biggest loss of support

As party coalitions prepared for tight and potentially tense budget negotiations, support for green parties increased as the Left Alliance fell by one percentage point.

Turja told Yle that some former supporters of the Left Alliance have now moved to the sidelines and did not want to reveal their party loyalty.

The Greens, for their part, received half a percentage point of support from the previous poll and further closed the gap with the coalition partners, the Center Party, to fourth.

The party has been in the headlines throughout the research period and has called for decisions on climate change and for proposing an increase in Finland’s refugee quota as the Afghan crisis progresses. Foreign minister Pekka Haavisto (Green) has also been a major figure in Finland’s efforts to evacuate people from Kabul Airport.

There were no significant changes in the support of the Center Party of Other Parties, the Swedish People’s Party or the Christian Democrats, while Movement Now saw a 0.7 percentage point increase in voters.

The economic survey interviewed 2369 people for the survey from 4 to 31 August 2021. A total of 1,705 voters declared belonging to the party. The margin of error was +/- 2 percentage points.

Source: The Nordic Page





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