India will learn from green Danish solutions

– We also want to be greener again, says Subrahmanyam Jaishankar.

– And in relation to that, we believe that Denmark is a very unique partner, because you have strengths and experiences and a best practice, which is enormously helpful for a country like India at this time in the country’s development, he says.

Earlier on Saturday, India’s Foreign Minister spoke with leaders from, among others, the Maersk Group, Grundfos, which is the world’s largest producer of pumps, and Vestas, which is a leader in wind turbines.

Among other things, India is focusing on increasing the use of renewable energy, including wind energy.

After China and the United States, India is the country in the world that is the largest emitter of greenhouse gases.

Last year, Denmark and India entered into a green strategic partnership.

It must help open the doors for Danish companies in India and at the same time provide the Indians with sustainable solutions.

– Today we have agreed to formally start a collaboration in the health area and in wind and water, says Jeppe Kofod.

– Danish companies can make important contributions and create opportunities in wind, energy efficiency, water, green fuels just to name a few areas, he says.

Denmark and India have drawn up a five-year action plan with 11 points for the strategic partnership.

This applies to areas such as energy and climate change, food and agriculture as well as maritime cooperation.

Subrahmanyam Jaishankar is the first Indian foreign minister in 20 years to visit Denmark.

The relationship between Denmark and India has thawed more and more in recent years, after the Indians put Denmark on hold for some years.

This was due to the case of Niels Holck, who in 1995 helped supply weapons to a rebel group in India.

India believed it was support for terrorists and unsuccessfully demanded that Niels Holck be extradited for prosecution. About ten years ago, the country severed diplomatic relations with Denmark.

Since then, changing Danish governments have worked to improve the situation, also in light of the fact that India is a potentially large export market for Danish companies.

Last year, India was the 21st largest export market for Denmark with a total export revenue of DKK 13.2 billion. This corresponds to one percent of Denmark’s total export earnings.

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