Soon you will need to buy your car online

According to Dansk Industri’s industry organization Bilbranchen, parts of the purchase process for new cars have increasingly been digitized over the past 5-10 years.

– The journey from a customer considering a new car until they actually print a purchase or sign the end note, increasingly takes place in an interaction between the web and the real world, says Thomas Møller Sørensen, who is industry director for the car industry.

– Until now, the buying process has become more digital because customers and retailers have become more digital. But the proportion of trades that take place exclusively online is small. However, we expect this to increase in the coming years, also because the producers, for strategic reasons, want to trade more directly with the customer and get more data, he says.

At the car owners’ interest organization FDM, it is also expected that more and more car brands will sell some or all of their models online.

This development means that you as a consumer must be a little wax at the garden gate, says Simon Nguyen Kildeby, who is a lawyer at FDM.

– A car you should preferably see and try. So we do not recommend buying the car without having tried a similar model at someone you know, a dealer or in a showroom, he says.

As part of the deal, a car dealer will often take your used car in exchange. And because you are buying your new car there, the car dealer may be ready to give you a better price for the old car than you would otherwise be able to get in free trade.

But it is basically not an option when buying online.

In addition, most people will expect to be able to negotiate a discount at the retailer.

But it can be a challenge with a click on the web.

– On the other hand, they should be able to sell the car cheaper, because there are fewer joints along the way, adds Simon Nguyen Kildeby.

Because it is such a new field, Simon Nguyen Kildeby also questions how the right of complaint and the right of withdrawal work out in practice.

– Many of the first movers are Chinese manufacturers. But then they hopefully have a Danish-speaking service you can take it through.

– In relation to complaints, you also want to know who to go to. There, it can be nice to see if they have any collaboration agreements with, for example, branded workshops, he says.

Simon Nguyen Kildeby emphasizes that you have a 14-day right of withdrawal on an online purchase – also when it comes to a car.

– The starting point is that the product must be returned in the same condition as you received it. But how steep will these dealers be in their perception of the same condition?

– We will of course think that you are allowed to test drive the car, but the question is how much, he says.

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